Statistical Data Analysis

In a world where the amount of information that companies amass every day continues to expand exponentially, statistical analysis offers powerful tools for transforming vast collections of seemingly undifferentiated data into insight and understanding that can drive better decision making and improve competitiveness.

Data Analysis services include:

Data collation. Collation of the data and a check of their internal consistency to ensure they are properly organized.

Data check. Assessment of the quantity of the data, data quality and attributes, and uncertainties, in order to establish the integrity and usefulness of your data for your research.

Exploratory data analysis. Exploratory and qualitative data analysis to search for patterns, trends, and variations in your data.

Statistical tests. Quantitative data analysis and statistics to establish meaningful interpretations and reliable conclusions.

Spatial statistics. Spatial statistics are needed when your data have a spatial component and for which you need sampling interval determination, data interpolation, and 2-d and 3-d mapping.

Data display. Your data are visualized with graphs and diagrams designed to support the analysis and your work in the most effective way.